About Us

     Jack Melroy founded Melroy Investments, Inc. in 1969. His drive to negotiate the best return on investments for his clients has served them well. Many of his original clients have remained with Melroy Investments and are successful investors to this day. While establishing a business relationship based upon trust, these long-term clients have learned, from Jack and his team, to increase their personal wealth- more properties, more equity, and more cash in their pockets. Today, there are more agents achieving great strides under Melroy Investments, utilizing many of the very same robust strategies that made Melroy Investments a top contender in the San Diego Multi-Family market.

Those same core values which have laid the groundwork for our success and continue to remain our company’s ethical fortitude have remained unchanged:

  • The client’s best interest is our bottom line
  • Demonstrate each transaction is an opportunity to build wealth
  • Learn to think outside the box
  • Maintain unwavering honesty and integrity in all business transactions and relationships
  • Keep abreast of how local, national, and world economics impact real estate ownership
  • Always remain ahead of the game- anticipate windows of opportunity
  • Build resolve by developing your best game plan

Melroy Investments, Inc. remains excited about the future!  No matter the market, count on Melroy Investments to open your window to financial opportunity- today and tomorrow.

When our clients thrive, we succeed!

Join the Melroy Team of professionals on the road to harnessing your personal wealth and financial success!