Buying Commercial Real Estate


Buying a commercial property can be risky.  Financial cycles have been known to wreak havoc on investment strategies especially those that involve commercial real estate.  It’s important to know the facts before taking that leap.  There are many reason why one buys commercial real estate.  It can be for the purpose of investment or to better position an owned business for success.  We are here to help.  Let Melroy Investments assist you in reducing that risk and help make your venture a positive one.

With 50 years of being in business you may find that we have the experience that you need.  Please familiarize yourself with what’s available on our site.  It will show you what’s current on the MLS, but bear in mind that these listings represent a fraction of what’s truly out there.

Many deals that are worth investing in are found elsewhere, including those that are off-market.

Contact us today so we can start seeking out those deals for you regardless of where they might be.

  • Commercial Residential- Multi-Family properties with 5 or more units
  • Commercial Industrial/Office/Warehouse
  • Commercial All Other


Let us help you find the right home.