Residential Real Estate

Finding the right home is at the heart of residential real estate.  Some buyers want the convenience and peace of mind of a condo and others want a house on it’s own even if it’s showing its age.  How we want to live is a big part of who we are and how we want to be.  It’s a personal choice and needs to be considered in depth.  Let us be your sounding board.  We can help clarify your options, help eliminate options that are unobtainable and those that aren’t the best choices.

San Diego really is arguably one of the best places to live and understandably this has lead to prices that reflect that notion.  Sometimes a diamond in the rough is a great option for those starting out so they can build equity.  For others, a move-in ready home is the only way to go.  Regardless, let the Melroy Investment team help you in your journey.

Melroy Investments offers the very best in residential real estate

  • Identifying what is most important in your search
  • Locating the very best deals even if they are off-market
  • Discerning what is needed to close the deal
  • Identifying hidden pitfalls along the way
  • Attention to detail throughout the transaction
  • The ability to transform your residential property into an income producing machine

Ask us how and let us help you achieve your home or financial goals.  Contact us today!!!